We offer a wide range of commercial real estate management solutions including:

At Caspian Group we focus on value add commercial real estate investing. Our model is geared towards identifying distressed under-performing commercial real estate assets and coming up with creative solutions to force appreciation to market levels. We have an in house construction management and leasing team who work hand in hand to deliver extraordinary results.

Our advanced capabilities include asset management, construction management, and compliance administration, in addition to the standard services of staffing, marketing, leasing, collections, maintenance and financial reporting.

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Other Services


Commercial Brokers represent both buyers and sellers, as well as lessors and lessees, of commercial real estate properties. We offer income and investment properties for sale or lease, such as apartment buildings, office buildings, warehouses and mixed use properties.

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Commercial real estate management is both art and science, maximizing the value of your asset through careful stewardship of its physical space, tenant relationships and overall reputation in the marketplace. Our property managers and building professionals are business people first, working in partnership with you to achieve your ownership goals.

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