Our Story

Our Mission:

To make the world a better place by improving it one building at a time.

Our Vision:

To build a company with the culture of radical integrity and thoughtful humility, where meaningful work and meaningful relationships will allow each member of our group to achieve their highest potential.


Our Values:

Integrity. Humility. Discipline. Growth.


Caspian Group is not just another real estate company, we are different from most, because of our philosophical value add approach to solving problems for our clients and investors.  We put the interests of our clients first and look at each deal with the owners prospective.   Our business started with distressed property acquisition strategy, which allows us to understand real estate problems from owners view point.


Since we own and manage a portfolio of real estate we understand our clients from the ownership prospective.  Our work is focused on maximizing value of each property by increasing the bottom line through filling vacancies and keeping an eye on maintenance and other expenses.


We offer a wide variety of commercial real estate services.  Our brokerage has the most technologically progressive property marketing and sales system, allowing the prospects to experience each listed property on their mobile device in 3D.  Additionally, our use of Social Media platforms to broadcast information about our listings allows us to elevate above the competition.  Our Management team is equipped with the latest technology, which allows us to achieve the “Uber” level efficiency for maintenance and reporting.  Our Construction Management division can handle any tenant improvement or adaptive reuse rehab projects.


Our primary focus is on improving our people and growing them to achieve their highest potential. We believe that if we build our people and a strong compassionate culture with the growth mindset, we will be able to serve our customers better through efficiency and high quality.  Each member of the team is encouraged to participate in the real estate investments that the Caspian Group acquires for long term hold, thereby creating financial security and passive income.


Having been blessed to collaborate with such amazing team, I am grateful for the opportunity to build this business with our small family.  The vision of our company is in line with my personal statement.  I want to help/influence/inspire others to achieve their highest potential by becoming the best version of myself.  Personally, I get fulfilled from helping others to realize their dreams.  I feel like this is the beginning of a great journey and I am curious to see what the future will bring.


Rafik Moore

Principal of Caspian Group

What our clients say about us

4.9 out of 5 stars

“I have had the privilege of getting to know Brian Scholten of Caspian Group. He is a smart, ethical, and driven commercial real estate broker. If you have commercial real estate needs, ask for Brian. If you don’t believe you have the means to find a office space right now, ask Brian for some alternatives. He is always thinking outside of the box and he is well connected!”

-Deb S.

4.8 out of 5 stars

“Working with a Caspian member was such an amazing experience. A lot of young and very professional people with a big heart.
Jonathon came out to show me a place on Sunday at 7 am. I was very impressed. I talked to Tammy on the phone and she did an incredible job taking my information and less than a hour later I received a call from an agent. They definitely deserve a great review.”

-Ben S

5 out of 5 stars

“We love working with Brian and his team and he is our go-to referral partner in the commercial real estate world!”

-Vernon S.

What We Believe In

Radical Transparency

Our investors have access to our asset management platform and at any time are able to login and see performance of their portfolio in real time

Absolute Alignment of Interests

We offer a preferred return to our investors before receiving our share of profits. Our commitment is to provide an above market yield to our investors and partners

Focus on Long Term Relationships

We place a lot of value in long term relationship with our partners, investors and clients

Owners Approach to Asset Management

Since we co-invest in all our assets, we manage and lease them with owners’ mindset to maximize the cash flow and increase long term value

Local Market Awareness

We invest where we live, always aspire to stay on top of local trends and understand our market

Welcome to Caspian Group

Every company needs to have a competitive advantage and core focus. At Caspian Group we strive to deliver high level services through the following values: