Reach Your Commercial Real Estate Goals With Caspian Group

Commercial real estate brokers who focus on you so you can focus on your future.

Our Mission

To make the world a better place by improving it one building at a time.

Our Vision

To maintain a company culture of radical integrity and thoughtful humility, and build a company where purposeful work and meaningful relationships allow each member of our team to achieve their greatest potential.

Our Values


We engage authentically and with honesty — the foundation of every great relationship.


We are empathic and respectful leaders.


We practice consistent attention and action to deliver the best results.


We see mistakes as opportunities, creating space for more compassion and courageous leadership.

Our Team

Executive Team

Patrick Corbett


Rafik Moore

Chairman of the Board


Kyle Malkerson

Vice President

Sean Stark


Drew Bonjean


Angie N. Frandrup, LEED AP


Kathy Bodnar


Alex Brown


Andrew Mayamba


Sean Haung


Nick Naboka


Zach Kaplan


Caleb Bonahoom



Marie Ordiz

Digital Marketing Manager


Tammy Kortava


About Us

Caspian Group is not just another real estate company looking to get the highest commission on a mediocre deal. We put the interests of our clients first and look at each deal from the client’s perspective. Our business started with distressed property acquisitions, allowing us to understand real estate problems from an owner’s point of view.

Since many Caspian Group team members manage their own portfolio of real estate, we understand our clients from an owner’s perspective. Our work is focused on maximizing the value of each property and increasing the bottom line because, as owners ourselves, we understand the risk and reward of real estate.

Caspian Group’s primary focus is to cultivate and support our team to achieve their highest potential. We believe that a strong, compassionate culture with a growth mindset serves our customers better. 

— Rafik Moore

Each member of the team is encouraged to participate in real estate investments that the Caspian Group acquires for long term hold, thereby creating financial security for everyone.

Blessed with the opportunity to collaborate with such an amazing team, I’m grateful for the opportunity to build this business with our growing Caspian Group family.

The vision of the Caspian Group company is in line with my own personal statement. I aim to help, influence, and inspire others to achieve their highest potential by becoming the best version of myself. I feel most fulfilled when helping others realize their dreams.

This is a great journey we are on and I am looking forward to what the future will bring.