Why Join Caspian?


Caspian is a premiere commercial real estate brokerage firm with the culture of radical integrity and thoughtful humility, where meaningful work and meaningful relationships will allow each member of our group to achieve their highest potential.


Caspian is different from other commercial real estate firms due to our main focus on investments into real estate assets in the interest of creating passive cash flow and appreciation for long term wealth. Our guiding fundamental principles of INTEGRITY, HUMILITY, DISCIPLINE, and GROWTH are at the core of our existence. Anyone joining our team will have and develop further all of the above-mentioned virtues.


Each broker will have a career path to real estate principal/ownership. We want winners on our team that are driven to succeed in more ways than one. Applying concepts from books we read and mentors we seek on an ongoing basis allows all of us to grow as a team. Our company will be the vehicle to advance, elevate, and influence all of us in the direction of our dreams. Alignment of priorities and goals for that reason is extremely important.


Our approach of looking at the CRE problems from the owners’ perspective makes us look at what we do from a viewpoint of creating value first and not focusing so much on compensation. We believe compensation is a bi-product of value we create in the marketplace.

Interested in joining the team?