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About Ker

Ker brings joy and satisfaction to the Real Estate experience for many homeowners, future homeowners, and business entrepreneurs like her. Ker grew up in small town Winona, Minnesota, with her big family of 10.  Ker has lived in the Twin Cities for the past 11 years, and plans on making it her home.  Ker has an extensive background in sales, customer service, and property management.  Logistically and geographically, Ker is very knowledgeable when it comes to route showings for her clients. Since 2017 Ker is a member on the Board of Directors, at New Millennium Academy. Ker had also just accepted the role for Marketing Chair on the Board of Directors with AREAA 2019.  She excited about the development in the Hmong Culture community.

As a little girl, she dreamed of living in the big city, for some reason Minneapolis to be exact. While working in DownTown Minneapolis, she learned to appreciate the beauty of some of the centers as she walk through them everyday via the skyway. The beautiful interior of downtown Minneapolis drove Ker to envisioning a modern shopping center filled with service offices for the community. 

Ker is known to have a true passion in helping her clients.  She approaches each family and business owner, with a positive spirit and energy. She believes communication and honestly is a big factor when looking for a home or an investment property. Whether, you are looking to buy, lease or sell in St Paul, Minneapolis, or the suburb area, Ker has you cover.