Office Manager


About Rustam

Rustam grew up in Uzbekistan. In February of 2010, when he was ten years old, he moved to the United States, settling in the Twin Cities area. Since 2010, he has lived in Columbia Heights, Stillwater, and now resides in Lakeville, where he graduated high school.


While in high school, Rustam worked at Target, and supplimentally took PSEO classes, which allow high school students to earn college credit through advanced programs. During the Summers, Rustam interned at Caspian Group, gaining experience in the commercial real estate field, which has blossomed into a full-time career as the Caspian Office Manager.


Rustam has a pet love bird named Mango, and in his free time he enjoys exploring and photography. Rustam is also an avid fitness enthusiast, working out regularly, as well as participating in wrestling, jiu jitsu, and soccer.